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Web Design.

Web design is one of the most critical components of your website strategy. You need to be confident that the company you choose to design your website is capable of producing your web design in a style that will appeal to your target market.

  1. WEB DESIGN WITH KLA WEB DESIGN - Most of our clients rely on Kampala Web Design to produce the graphic design for their projects. Because we employ graphic designers with various backgrounds and approaches we have been able to produce outstanding design results for a wide range of clients in different industries. For many projects, particularly for companies with an established brand and graphic design, our designers will work with your existing design materials and even consult with your graphic design firm to ensure that the design of your website or online system is co-ordinated with the rest of your brand publishing.

  2. WEBSITES DESIGN IS DIFFERENT - Graphic design for the web is very different to design for print or other forms of publishing. We specialise in professional graphic design for all forms of online presentation ranging from websites to email marketing, online advertising and Intranet systems. For many clients, particularly those that are predominantly web-based businesses, we are also responsible for the development of the visual representation of their entire brand including their logo, letterhead, brochure and other 'offline' publishing.
  3. USING EXTERNAL DESIGN AGENCIES - If you are launching a new project, brand or business and you would like to engage a specialist graphic design firm to oversee the development of your visual representation in all media, Kampala Web Design is always happy to work in conjunction with your chosen firm. Having worked with many graphic design partners on previous projects, we can even recommend a firm that would be suitable for your business.

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