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Email Marketing

Email marketing refers to the use of email to market one's products and/or services. This is normally achieved with a mass email broadcast system, or mailing list system. However, small businesses often utilise Outlook or other email clients to manage the email broadcasts. Email marketing should form a part of any website strategy. The expenditure required to send very large volumes of emails is very small in comparison to other forms of direct marketing.

The Privacy and Spam Acts

You need to be very careful as to who you send your email campaigns to. You need to be sure that your list of email addresses are all opt-in addresses. That is, the people on your list must have consented to being sent emails. You also need to provide a means to unsubscribe from the emails you send, either as a link or by replying.

Email Marketing with Kampala Web Design

Our approach to email marketing generally follows the process below:

  1. Formulate purpose and targeted outcomes of the email marketing campaign.
  2.  Design creative. This would include the aesthetic and content of the email to be sent, as well as any auto-responders or reply emails.
  3. Procure mailing list. The majority of our clients have built up an opt-in mailing list but these can also be purchased from direct marketing companies. The obvious risk of a purchased mailing list is that the recipients (although they are opt-in) are not going to expect your email in any way and will possibly delete your email.
  4.  Send email campaign. This would be achieved by using one of mass email broadcast systems.
  5. Analyse campaign metrics. With our systems, you can see how many people opened your email and what links they clicked on in your email campaign. This is invaluable in assessing the return on your email marketing investment.